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Acorn Squirrel Rescue is a fully licenced grey squirrel sanctuary, located in Somerset. We cover Somerset, but will, on exeptions take from out of the area, if you can get the animal/s to within our covered area.


We will travel when we can, but this is not guaranteed. Please do not drop off any animal to us without prior arrangement.


We are not open to the public due to licence and insurance purposes and also enables us to provide a very quiet environment for the animals in our care.

Our aim is to help through the process of recovery from injury, or in the case of orphaned squirrels, provide nuture and care until they are able to fend for themselves.


We have an orphan room with an area for injured adults, but also have outdoor enclosures for healthy adults when recovered.

We do not take in 'pet' squirrels or squirrels reared by others.


We strive to provide a high level of care to every guest we receive.


We encourage natural behavious and discourage tameness. Our aim is to prepare all able squirrels for eventual return to the wild, subject to current legislation.  


Have you found a Squirrel in need?

If you have found orphaned or injured squirrels please look at our How to care for a Squirrel page or find your nearest squirrel friendly rescue on

How you can help Acorn Squirrel Rescue
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