Winscombe, Somerset


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A Little Bit About Us

Acorn Wildlife Rescue is a small, home-based, self-funded wildlife rescue centre run by myself and my partner, based in North Somerset between Weston-super-mare, Cheddar and Bristol.

We take in animals across the South West, covering Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Bristol, South Gloucestershire.


We specialise in orphan rearing and the care and rehabiliation of small mammals that find themselves in a time of need.

We are particularly well equipped to meet the needs of the young and those who are orphaned.

We provide a high level of care until they are ready to take care of themselves, at which point they can be returned to the wild.

If you find an animal in need please call us for advice or to arrange for them to come to us.


Have you found an Animal in need?

If you have found orphaned or injured wildlife or even just have concerns regarding wildlife you have seen please call me and I can try to advise and help.

How you can help Acorn Wildlife Rescue

We are a self-funding centre so any donations are gratefully received. Donations through Paypal and gifts from our Amazon Wishlist would really help the animals in our care.