About Us


Acorn Squirrel  Rescue is a licenced grey squirrel sanctuary, based in Somerset. It was founded by Zoe, having spent several years in the wildlife sector as an animal carer and orphan rearer.

It was a love of animals and wildlife and also a natural instinct towards the animals being cared for, and especialy a love of squirrels, that lead initially to Acorn Wildlife Rescue being created. Then due to licencing changes being made in the UK meaning that only sanctuary could now be offered to grey squirrels by rescue centres under licence, and many chosing not to persue this new licencing route. We felt that grey squirrels were getting a pretty bad deal, with many being put to sleep after being handed into vets and rescue centres after of what would have already been a pretty terrible day for them. So we decided that by concentrating on grey squirrels, then hopefully we could save more little lives, so Acorn Squirrel Rescue was created to care for orphaned and injured grey squirrels in the South West.

Acorn Squirrel  Rescue is located between Weston-super-Mare, Cheddar and Bristol. Unfortunately we are not open to the public, this helps us to provide a safe and quiet enviroment in which to care for the animals that are currently with us. We have a quiet orphan rearing room, a hospital room for first assesments, space for respite and rehabilitation, as well as modern indoor and outdoor enclosures.

• Our aim is to always, when possible and subject to current law, return an animal to the wild.

• We do not believe that a healthy animal should be put down.

• Our goal is to enable each animal to grow or recover to a point where they would be successful in the wild.

Any donations are gratefully received