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How to care for a Squirrel

If you have found a squirrel in need then please find a squirrel friendly rescue centre near you via google or

If you cannot find a rescue centre near you or the centre is currently closed/not getting back to you then this section is designed to help you assess and care for the squirrel temporarily until you can get it to a professional. Please note that we strongly recommend getting squirrels into rescue as soon as possible, as rearing a baby animal is not an easy thing to do, especially when that animal is a hundred times smaller than a human, it is time consuming, expensive, and when in the hands of untrained people, doing something wrong could quickly cost the animal its life. We do not recommend looking after a squirrel yourself. There is alot of contradictory information online, home made recipes for formula, medicinal suggestions etc, this is dangerous for the animal, so we are offering this guide as a simplified version of techniques that we use for very short term care. We, along with most rescue centres, operate on a basis that prioritise those in need, so do not take in healthy squirrels that have been reared by others.

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