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Assessing for Injury or Illness

Whether you have found an adult or baby squirrel, if it is injured or ill it will need rescue and possibly need medical or life long care.

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Brusing is common on squirrels and looks just like bruising on humans. If the squirrel is very brused it can cause alot of discomfort for the squirrel.

Puncture Wounds

Puncture Wounds are common, especially if the squirrel has been picked up by another animal. This can cause infection, especially if made by a cat, and will need care and medication. Please DO NOT medicate yourself!

Bloody nose

A bloody nose can be a sign of several different things, the most common are:

  • A nose bleed by hitting it face, for example, falling from a tree or building,

  • A broken nose can be more serious as this can lead to malocclusion, which is when their teeth do not align. Left untreated can lead to teeth becoming too long, possibly growing into their soft tissue or skull. This will eventually lead to starvation.

  • Bleeding from the nose could also indicate internal bleeding, especially if its been picked up by a dog/hit by a car, also look out for brusing, as both together could indicate this.

Tail degloving

Squirrels tails can deglove if it gets stuck or caught, this will need to be kept clean and should heal on its own. The tail will not grow back.

Broken Bones

Broken or fractured bones, again, can be common, however bones can mend if treated correctly. If you feel any 'crunching' or can feel a break then the chances are likely that the squirrel will need medication and professional care. Please DO NOT medicate yourself!

Lost use of limbs

The most common of these are the back legs and tail which can indicate a spinal injury, this can be temporary or permanent depending on the injury. The squirrels best chances are at a squirrel friendly rescue centre.


You might find swelling around a broken bone, or if the squirrel has had a bump to the head or spine. If there is swelling around a wound then that can indicate an infection and will need medical. Please DO NOT medicate yourself!

Neurological conditions

Signs of this could be running in circles, shaking/tilting of the head or seeming off balance. This can be a temporary condition or sometimes more permanent. This will need long term and professional care. The squirrels best chances are at a squirrel friendly rescue centre.

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