At Acorn Squirrel Rescue we have volunteers who help us look after the squirrels in many ways. The 3 main sections to volunteering are Orphan Rearing, Response Driving and Fundraising. Each section is as important as each other. Please read about each of the different sections before considering filling out the volunteer application form.

Orphan Rearing

This is often seen as the most rewarding section of volunteering, but its not as easy as it seems. To become an Orphan Rearer you will need training with us first, then you will look after a squirrel kit or 2, this is very time consuming and a big responsibility. Kits need to be fed a special milk formula through a syringe every 4 hours (day and night). When they are young they also need to be stimulated to go to the toilet, and will need their temputure monitoring. This is not for someone who already has a busy life, or works long hours. We would be looking for a person who is kind and caring, with alot of patience for this role.

Response Driving

This is also a key section of volunteering, and you will need training with us first to be able to give emergancy first aid and to be able to catch and handle different ages of squirrels. We can work more around you with this section of volunteering, for example, after work or weekends. Obviously to be a response driver you will need a full driving licence and vehicle with all necessary documents. You can also specify what area you are willing to travel to. We would be looking for a person who can drive at short notice, with good people skills as you will be the face of the business and interacting with the public.


This potentially could be the most important section of volunteering. You get alot more flexability with time and can be the most creative with what you want to do. For this role, its really up to you on how far you go with it or what you do. You could organise stalls at fairs, or sponsored sports events, or you could sit at a computer and try and find us funding applications, or even make things that we could sell. All of our money is either fundraised or out of our own pockets, and without volunteers to help raise money, we wouldnt be able to save squirrels! For this role, we are looking for a creative person who can think outside the box.

If any of these roles interest you and you want to help us then fill out our application form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!